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Photography by Andrew Hallenberg.

Em is a Brooklyn-based (assistant) director, producer, intimacy coordinator, script supervisor, editor, and photographer . Originally from South Florida, her artistic practice is defined by accessibility, authenticity, and visibility. She is passionate about telling LGBTQ+ stories and centering lesbian identity on stage and screen. As a classically trained dancer, movement is a key element of her work. Em's artistry spans the mediums of film, tv, video, theater, photo, livestream, commercial, and audio production. Her stage work has been seen at venues across Manhattan and Brooklyn, and her films have been accepted into festivals in NYC, LA, and Miami. She is a directing alumna of The 24 Hour Plays: Nationals. Em is currently in training to become a Certified Intimacy Director and Coordinator with IDC.  


Em recieved her B.F.A in Dramatic Arts from The New School for Drama. While in undergrad, she concentrated on directing and producing, engaging herself with the creative process of "putting a thing together". She minored in Creative Technologies, focusing on video and sound design. Em received her M.A. in Arts Management and Entrepreneurship from The New School College of Performing Arts, finalizing her dual-degree program. While in her graduate studies, Em found a keen interest in creative producing and production management, for both screen and stage. 

Em is the co-creator of The Language of Usa narrative, anthology podcast series exploring emotional intimacy, or the lack thereof, in relationships. In addition to co-producing, she also edits, designs sound, and mixes all audio content. Season 1 and 2 are streaming on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

In 2017, Em co-founded No Man's Land Theatre Company. No Man's Land produced work that pushed the boundaries of personal identity in our ever-changing world. Serving as the Co-Artistic Director, Em was instrumental in producing two full seasons of work at venues across NYC. She created The 7 O'Clock Slot, a monthly reading series for playwrights to workshop their plays-in-progress. Em created, produced, and co-hosted IdentiTea, an interview-style podcast that uncovers the intersection of personal and artistic identity, specifically within the LGBTQ+ and TGNC community. IdentiTea is archived for listening on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.​

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